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The History of Marble

In the early 1900s,  the railroad and mining industry drove the growth of the City of Marble and surrounding areas. John C. Greenway; the superintendent of the Canisteo District opened the Canisteo, Walker, Holman and Hill mines with rail shipments beginning in 1907. Under Greenway’s supervision, the Village of Marble was surveyed into streets and lots with construction of homes beginning in 1908. The City of Marble was named after R.N. Marble, a U.S. Steel official from Duluth. The village was built to accommodate miners and their families; some of whom were still living in tents. Some families settled about a half mile north and slightly east of Marble in what was known as White City. Most of these people moved into Marble when home construction was complete. Some continued to live there until the opening of the Gross Marble Mine severed access to the road leading to White City.

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